Michel De Coster

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Michel De Coster is excellent! Although he doesn’t use slides, he is well structured and easily captures people’s attention for 1.5 hours. His hands-on experience allows him to provide clear examples. A solid argument for the need for balance between brains, heart & guts during every management decision.

Foodservice Network, the Netherlands

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The feedback was very positive. Particularly the fact that he was able to fascinate people for over an hour, without having to use a single slide.
Of course, it is useful when you can provide examples from a variety of disciplines - business, sport, art - which you have personally experienced. Most speakers rely on examples from the world of sport, but have sometimes never even ridden a bike.
In addition, the lecture also supplied a degree of humour.

Filip De Rijcke

Sales Director SAS Institute

Michel was able, without over complicating things, to visually and verbally encapsulate the essence of leadership for managers at all levels.

Karel Plasman

Managing director Acerta

Michel opened an event to celebrate the launch of the Flemish Business Club. He was charming, likeable and, in particular, spontaneous, which meant he was able to enthral the audience until the very end. He is a captain of industry who will be more than welcome at many other business clubs.

An De Jonghe

Chairman Vlaamse Business Club

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Michel is the person you have to meet and learning to know.
Combining so many different heterogeneous professional activities and hobbies with success is not due to hazard. During a very helpful session with our Management Team, Michel give us a lot of tips to optimize the way we spend time!
Work better instead of trying to work more.
3 slides are enough in a Face to Face.
Define and respect strict house rules.
Focus on target and objectives.
So many you should know but that due to pressure, lack of discipline is difficult to respect.
Michel speaks about EQ - your emotions and soft skills, IQ – your technical skills, but he also insist on your capacity to take risk and to make the difference within uncertainty.


CEO Syntigo - General Manager NMBS-Holding ICTRA

Michel De Coster managed to appeal to everyone.
This is rather surprising because the audience contained a variety of ‘profiles’, positions and backgrounds (blue/white-collar workers, field coordinators/managers).
In terms of his core message, he is right! It’s all about finding the right balance between ‘Head’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Guts’...
Most of us have these three elements, but they are not always in balance, or the right element is not always used at the right time.
Another thing that caught my eye was that, by organising his time efficiently, he was able to combine a top position with his passion for music and his family.
A remarkable personality.