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Dream of convening your partners, employees and shareholders for an engaging event with compelling speakers? Doubt the feasibility of such an event? Then doubt no more. Read My Lips organises hybrid physical and digital events from A to Z. We take care of everything, from a unique location, live stream and keynote speakers to a safe environment for all the attendees. Tell us your requirements for the ideal event and we’ll make all the necessary arrangements from A to Z. 


Read My Lips Events make it even easier for businesses to organise hybrid, budget-friendly events, quickly and safely.

- Peter Saerens, Read My Lips manager

Service from A to Z

By this we mean an all-in formula. We take care of everything, from the venue, reception and live stream, even to the invitations, if you wish! You can thus be assured of a professional event that conforms to the latest safety measures. You can consequently focus on your core business and enjoy the event, together with your customers and employees. 

Prepare your event in just 3 steps:

Read My Lips events






Venues in sought-after locations, from Haspengouw to the coast 

In the first phase, we offer hybrid events at special venues spread throughout Flanders. In concrete terms, this means that a number of participants attend the event on site, and the remainder participate online. This live link is key to ensuring that all the participants feel engaged throughout the proceedings. Our unique venues lend themselves perfectly to receiving your guests in a safe manner. Each venue exudes a unique character, and a number of them are also suitable for hosting guests outdoors. 

  • The Baudelo Chapel (Ghent) (Outdoor/Indoor)
  • The Goed van Gothem (Heers) (Outdoor/Indoor)
  • Vaudeville Theatre (Brussels) (Indoor)
  • Nieuwithof (Antwerp) (Outdoor/Indoor)
  • Louise Marie Manor (Ronse) (Outdoor/Indoor)
  • Kursaal Oostende (Ostend) (Indoor, on stage!) 

Inspiring content

The possibilities are almost endless. Indeed, our list of speakers and moderators is almost inexhaustible. When compiling your event package, you can opt for one or two speakers, with or without a moderator. We can arrange a successful event, complete with two speakers and a live stream, right down to the very last detail, from as little as €8,500! We can even take care of the invitations if desired and, in the next phase, the catering. You can choose your own format, but we’re also happy to inspire you with a selection of unique concepts:

  • Clo Willaerts and Filip Van den Abeele discuss digital transformation in front of the Baudelo Chapel altar
  • Sleep experts Inge Declercq and Michaël Sels take to the podium to talk about wellbeing and resilience at Kursaal Oostende 
  • Peter De Keyzer and Bert De Vroey discuss the economy against the backdrop of the courtyard garden at Goed van Gothem 
  • Jurgen Ingels and Ann Maes talk about entrepreneurship in the gardens of an authentic manor house in Ronse

We’re happy to help organise an event that your team, customers and partners will be talking about for years to come.


Time for action

Give your employees, business partners and customers an opportunity to connect. Tell us your requirements and we’ll arrange a comprehensive event with no hidden extras!