By introducing the right speaker or moderator, Read My Lips is able to add value to events and take them to the next level. Our professional speakers and moderators tell fascinating stories, provide captivating presentations, and convey tailor-made messages to the audience.

Our values

o Inspirational
As a specialised speakers agency, we gather a wide range of professional knowledge, ideas and perspectives via our speakers and moderators. We place value on the spoken word and create room for enriching insights, new opinions, and interesting debates.

o Quality
We pay close attention to the latest trends, carefully selecting and screening our speakers. This means that we are sure of their specific expertise and speaking qualities.

o Customer-oriented
Read My Lips places great emphasis on a personal approach with an appointed contact person and open communication. Our staff help to expertly identify a suitable speaker or moderator to match the proposed event and budget.

o Service-oriented
We can arrange a suitable speaker or moderator for any specific event. Our specialisation enables us to make the connection between our speaker and our customer,  and we make every effort to provide complete peace of mind to both parties. For example, we organise everything from start to finish: appointments, bookings, follow-up, billing, etc. We provide the optimum service to our customers as well as our speakers and moderators. We also offer practical, organisational, and content-related support. Speakers can also come to us for advice in the widest sense of the word. We offer a listening ear and effective support on matters of content, pricing, and a variety of practical issues.