Kris Daels

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The lecture by Kris Daels was exciting and surprising. Kris Daels is a fluent speaker, likes to answer questions and isn't constantly looking at his watch, which meant the lecture over-ran by 30 minutes. If I hadn’t stopped him, I think he would still be sharing his experiences with us.

Roos Martens

S-Plus vzw Oost-Vlaanderen

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Kris Daels is a vibrant speaker. Visitors hung on his every word and were very enthusiastic. The lecture lasted longer than expected, but the audience was so fascinated that it could have lasted even longer.

Ellen Van Loenen

Local leisure policy, Berendrecht Zandvliet Lillo

The lecture by Kris Daels was very good. Kris is a great storyteller.

Jacqueline Van Groenenrode

Neos Gavere

I would hereby like to inform you that we were very pleased with Kris Daels as speaker: he is an excellent storyteller and an intriguing man who possesses the psychological insight to correctly assess his audience. We will be recommending him and your agency to other organisations.

Mieke Logghe

Chair of Inner Wheel Jabbeke

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The FO club had a fantastic evening with Kris! Very worthwhile and very fascinating!

Marc Storme

We were able to welcome Kris Daels as guest speaker yesterday. He has had an unconventional career. Mr. Daels is able to talk about his experiences with great passion, and moves gradually from the strict procedures to the spectacular work in the field. In short, not an everyday topic. I would recommend it to everyone!

Geert Van Walleghem

Chairman De Kamer Roeselare

There were many enthusiastic reactions to his testimonial.
Kris Daels is able to truly fascinate the audience.

Janneke Deknudt

Chairman VSVK

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When it comes to Kris Daels, I think it's a question of 'hang on his lips' instead of 'read my lips'. He is a gifted speaker and you would really like to spend a long evening with him. He addresses a wide range of topics with the required sarcasm, humour and tension, without ever losing touch with reality.

Bert Vagenende


We had a fantastic evening with Kris Daels. There was an immediate bond and I don't think any evening with another speaker has ever overrun like this one. We really look forward to repeating the experience.

Laurent Witdouck

Chairman Ambassadorclub Roeselare

Kris Daels is a very fascinating speaker. Everyone was enthralled by his story. It was an interactive evening, which meant we were also able to ask questions during the lecture. We really enjoyed it and would certainly recommend him to other clubs.

Thomas De Leyn

Ronde Tafel Maldegem 87

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Kris Daels was able to captivate the audience from the first minute to the last. He told his story in a fascinating manner, but also left plenty of room for anecdotes and humour.
He also didn’t mind answering questions from the audience. He was pleased to offer a detailed response, which provided yet another new insight into Kris's life. In short, a very captivating lecture!
If only there were more speakers like this…

Ludo Van Loon

Secretary Landelijke Gilde Ruisbroek

The evening with Kris Daels went very well. He offered a fascinating and educational account, which resulted in many very positive reactions from our members.

Bert Leys

Fifty One Club ’t Zand Lommel

The lecture by Kris Daels was simply fantastic! He is a very fluent speaker and an amiable man. He had the audience eating from the palm of his hand. Everyone was full of praise.

Tom Dedecker

Ronde Tafel De Panne

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