Jan De Schepper

Jan De Schepper

In ConneXion, Jan De Schepper and Paul Van Den Bosch give us their vision of how a CEO can make his/her employees better. Based on the 7 paradoxes, they provide the business leader with workable insights and a practical guide that takes employees to the next level. A must-read for a modern CEO

Johan Thijs


In the current era of exponential change, accelerated digitalisation and COVID 19, Jan De Schepper and Paul Van Den Bosch explain how human connections are an increasingly important and essential part of leadership. With numerous examples from the sport and business worlds, they show how difficult it is for CEOs to connect properly with their people and their motivations.

Dominique Leroy

Member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG for Europe


Jan and Paul have brought years of experience and research in the business and sports worlds together in this book, a referencework
for senior management who aspire to ConneXion, the highest level of leadership. Sufficiently substantiated, but also very practical
and extremely relevant. A must.

Bart De Smet

CEO Ageas