The only thing I can say is that Elke Geraerts is simply exceptional!

Ilse Claerhout


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Illuminating and inspirational. Elke Geraerts adopts a clear approach to offer key insights on how to deal with our mental resilience. A must-have for any result-oriented management team.

Dirk Vander Mierde

Site Director Datwyler

Lyreco's employees are the ‘motor’ of our organisation. To maximise their potential and improve enjoyment in the workplace, it is extremely important to ensure a good balance between our superstructure (read: brain) and our infrastructure (read: body).
Elke Geraerts certainly inspired and motivated us in this regard. She places the debate about ‘wellbeing at work’ into a broad perspective and we are now determined to continue working on this with our employees.

Paul Vieijra

Managing Director Lyreco Benelux

An extremely interesting morning with many recognisable topics for our 60 managers. The best part was that people got the feeling that they don't simply have to be victims of stress and work pressure, but that they can do something about it themselves through self-control, awareness, attention and intrinsic motivation. The interactive nature of the workshop was also very useful. Managers were offered tools that can be used for themselves and their teams, to improve how they deal with workload and stress. Very inspiring.

Nicolle Mutsaers

Director De Zorgboog

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By the end of the Mental Capital Workshop, which was part of the Energy@Volvo programme, you could sense the relief in the hall. The session gave people hope and we could immediately put the practical tips into practice.

Jos Borremans

HR Manager at Volvo Cars Belgium

During our company weekend in the Ardennes, Elke gave us a fantastic guided tour of our brains and convinced us of ways to make our brain more agile. In a really inspirational, interactive and understandable (what a relief!) manner, she took us on an amazing journey and offered many new insights.
I would recommend any company that cares for its employees to immerse itself in this bath of wisdom.

Johan Vangenechten

CEO 4C Consulting

Elke addresses the theme in an inspirational and convincing manner. Science-based and presented with great insight. Intellectually convincing but also an invitation to take specific action. A revelation about creating a more qualitative life, each and every day.

Koen Bouckaert

Vice President Strategy & Business Development ALPRO

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The session on preventing burnout helped to inform the planning team at Nike about the warning signs and symptoms associated with stress and burnout. We now have practical tips to address the issue in a proactive manner. I would recommend it to any team that wants to improve its mental resilience!

Britt Mast

Distribution Planning Manager Nike