Anniek Gavriilakis

Anniek Gavriilakis

Anniek manages to use rituals to create a safe but inviting field where what needs to happen actually does happen. It's amazing how quickly she can bring a group of leaders to the core and allow them to be vulnerable. The real magic lies in the fact that what is needed is expressed in such a way that individual and collective transformation can take place. What makes it all complete is that, despite the tense moments, it's also a lot of fun to do. Inspiring, playful and direct.

Ben Poelmans

Co-founder Merluno, Amazing Cultures en Amazing Ventures

Anniek speaks as she lives: from the heart. She translates her search for balance and beauty into a story that is passionate and driven, but also sensitive and vulnerable. She takes a refreshingly open look at those who remain under the radar of society, without avoiding any taboos.

Krist Pauwels

Partner at Choco

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