Nancy Rademaker

Nancy Rademaker

Nancy is an extremely professional, classy and insightful keynote speaker. Her use of slideware, video and graphic images to enhance her eloquent delivery keeps everyone engaged throughout and leaves them with a visual impact of her key messages. Her presentation was on topic to the brief given and she was a pleasure to work with before, during and after her engagement with NEXTGEN. She was a large part of making our Leadership Forum a fantastic event that our customers are still talking about!

John Walters

Group CEO - NEXTGEN, Sydney, Australia

We had the pleasure of having Nancy as keynote speaker during our Fest Congress held in Lisbon, with the presence of the most important leaders of our industry in Europe. Nancy amazed everybody with her excellent communication skills and insightful knowledge and caught our attention from the first to the last minute of the presentation. The perfectly timed interaction with the audience engaged everybody. We highly recommend Nancy as a professional keynote speaker!

Johan Stevens

CEO - Sanitop Portugal


We gave Nancy the challenge to deliver a keynote to open a week full of activities, workshops and initiatives to communicate our new strategy to all the staff of Brussels Airport Company. In particular, she was tasked to provide insight into the concept of smart connectivity, -the core element of our company vision-, and how it will play a paramount role in the future of our airport. She delivered beyond expectations. Through her speech she managed to engage our colleagues in our corporate strategy and sowed the seed to make them reflect upon the way all of them could contribute to a successful execution of our strategy. 

Jose R Duro

Masterplanning Manager – Brussels Airport Company