Wouter's enthusiasm and passion for enterprise are very inspirational. You can clearly see that his heart guides his entrepreneurial spirit. He also tells his story with 100% conviction and has 100% belief in everything he does. As far as I am concerned, one of Wouter's biggest assets as guest speaker is his authenticity.

Sofie Guns

Lecturer Management and enterprise – UCLL business management

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It is already the 2nd year that Wouter comes to my ‘Managing Brand Equity’ class (for Master students at UCL. Wouter is an amazing orator with a contagious energy and is transmitting his passion in a very sincere and authentic way. Not easy to catch the attention of students during 2 hours, but they were so inspired by the way Wouter brought his message as well as the content of his speech that they wanted even more.

Thierry Jupsin

Lecturer in marketing Université de Louvain-La-Neuve