Everything went very well; the final-year students were completely silent during the lecture by Wim Smets… that’s something we’ve never experienced. So, a real success! It was an eye-opener for many of them, now that they are about to enter the world of employment; this represents an important and radical change in their young lives.

Leo Schoeters

Thomas More

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I would like to thank you once again for being part of the Club Wallonie Export evening: your presentation, as well as your personality, was appreciated by all. Not to mention your journey, which aroused great admiration. It was a genuine pleasure to share these moments with you.

Monique Oger

Communication manager - Club Wallonie Export

Everything went perfectly. Our organisation is currently undergoing a major transition and, in that context, Wim Smets presented a really fascinating and infectious story to our employees.

Sofie Questier

HR Manager Belgian Institute for Road Safety

Impressive keynote from mountaineer Wim Smets during the Showpad Sales Kick-off. How to bring a team from the base camp to the summit, and how to develop a pre-nicorn into a unicorn with a great team. Thanks for the inspiring session!

Mario Heneca


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Thanks for the fascinating presentation. It was impressive to see what humans are capable of (with the right approach and effective preparation). I learned a great deal, which I will be able to use in my personal and professional life.

Thomas Coorevits

Accountmanager Dumaplast

Wim Smets presented a good, captivating story. He was rated highly during our evaluation!

Martijn de Groot

Canon Business Services