Thanks for the inspiration and your great energy. The perfect way to conclude a two-day event! Amazing!

Hannes Vanhaverbeke

Project manager Cultuurconnect

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Everyone in control! A powerful and inspirational keynote, presented by a strong woman. Saskia refreshes your ideas on generation management and shares her personal experiences and approach. She uses recognisable characters, such as Jos, Martine, Hadifa and Thibault, to present a powerful story that everyone in the hall quickly recognises. In short, I would recommend her to everyone!

Dirk Maegerman

Leadership Coach @ KBC Corporate Banking

Everything went really well and the reactions were very positive! Saskia is a very captivating speaker.

Danielle Huyghebaert

Agfa Materials

The presentation by Saskia Van Uffelen went very well. It met all our expectations. Coordination took place in advance with our CIO. During the presentation, she interacted well with the audience. She also answered questions satisfactorily afterwards.

Chris Engels

Project manager for EDF Luminus

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