We are all familiar with the clichés about offering training or keynotes to salespeople. ‘They are very cagey, because there isn’t a great deal that we can teach them...’
Jochen refutes this cliché, because this session is about allowing sales people to look at themselves... and their natural skills for selling products. He offers great insight into how we can confront our personality type and then positively implement this knowledge in the sales process.

Brecht Vandenborre

Sales Director Stas

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Having learned about hard selling techniques, consultative selling theories and the ideas of other sales gurus, Jochen Roef presents a very practical model that offers you insights into your personality and the difficulties you sometimes experience as a salesperson. Whereas others try to present a single method for improving the success of your sales efforts, Jochen tells you that everyone is different and able to succeed by using different sales techniques. I have rarely followed a course where I have learned so much that can immediately be put into practice. The relaxed setting, with the odd bit of humour, was the icing on the cake.

Yentl Vandenbroucke

Country Manager Belux Performanse