Joanie de Rijke

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The lecture by Joanie de Rijke flowed perfectly. A nice presentation and a pleasant chat afterwards.

Annie Vanmarcke

Inner Wheel Mandel-Leie

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Joanie de Rijke's lecture, ‘Oorlog in Syrië en vluchtelingenstroom’ (War in Syria and the refugee train) is the story of someone who has experienced everything from close by; someone who views the positives as well as the negatives; balanced but also captivating.

Luc Graindourze

GROS Sint-Tuiden

Joanie de Rijke's lecture, ‘In de handen van de Taliban’ (In the hands of the Taliban) received nothing but positive reactions. Very well done.

Christian Loosvelt

Gezinsbond Rekkem

Everyone was very enthusiastic about the lecture by Joanie de Rijke. A top speaker with a fantastic story.

Kelly de Plecker

Artemis Noord-West-Vlaanderen

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We heard the lecture by Joanie de Rijke this morning. In one word: FANTASTIC! Our members hung on her every word. Thank you once again for the great collaboration.

Nadine De Knock

editor - for VIE (Vrouwen In Evolutie) Ghent

We are very pleased with the lecture by Joanie de Rijke. She presented the perfect mix of travel stories, travel suggestions and political context in the countries concerned. Our audience really enjoyed it.

Annemie Arras

Bree library