Dries Henau - Yuri Vandenbogaerde

Photo of Dries Henau - Yuri Vandenbogaerde

Hi Dries & Yuri, thanks for the enjoyable presentation at yesterday's Work Smarter event. I really enjoyed it and am a fan of your positive energy and spontaneity! Great learnings and particularly good to see that humour on stage is not a bad thing.

Maarten Deroey

Founder Slowify

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We were very enthusiastic about the keynote presented by Dries Henau and Yuri Vandenbogaerde. It was a fascinating and interesting evening, with a healthy serving of humour!

Hilde Peumans

C-Mine Genk

We were very satisfied with the presentation of Dries and Yuri: interactive, visually appealing, spontaneous and humorous, but also with good practical tips. This was an ideal for our event, in which our client focused on professional customers such as managers of young businesses and start-ups.

Jolien Monnissen

Pubmarket ifv BKCP

We really enjoyed the presentation by Dries and Yuri! It was accessible for everyone and the audience listened very attentively.

Isabelle Ockier

Ronde Tafel Deinze

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Superb presentation! Dries and Yuri were BRILLIANT!!

Boudewijn Dupont

Managing Director SIM Belgium nv/sa

The reviews of last month's Vlerick Retail Platform were very clear: the keynote of Dries and Yuri was very well appreciated; thank you once again! A snapshot of the reactions: unbelievable; well delivered, with great tips; authentic; very inspiring; dynamic; a true story of true innovation; infectious…

Astrid De Wael

Vlerick Retail Platform

Both men performed perfectly during the award ceremony at the ‘De Leukste Winkel van 2015’ (the best shop of 2015) event. Their keynote was an exciting double act, which contained a lot of humour. The audience was really impressed and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Antoinette Van Tongeren

Netherlands-based NDC Mediagroep

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