Cedric's lecture was very good. His story was a great source of inspiration to our young managers and entrepreneurs and was perfectly in keeping with the theme of our programme: personal leadership, organisation development and strategy. Everyone was inspired and had plenty to talk about for the rest of the evening.

Axelle Henrard

Manager talent VOKA

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We organised a master class for our team leaders (students) and Cedric came to talk about the topic 'From fear to flow'. We have a lot of critical students and many of them are also passionate about such subjects. However, Cedric was able to captivate everyone with his genuine and passionate presentation. In fact, the concepts he refers to are not extremely complex, but he makes everything so inspirational because he takes such risks on a daily basis, so knows what he is talking about. It was an invaluable experience for our students, and for me, and inspired us to get started right away! I would definitely recommend him!

Isabeau Van den Bogaert

Human Development Manager

Everything met our expectations. Cedric's keynote met our needs in terms of style as well as content. We are a motivated sales team with a lot of coaching experience, so this lecture was a welcome change from the usual leadership training. It placed our working environment in a broader perspective, and highlighted the rush challenges of our day.

Marjolein Geens

Forum Jobs

Cedric’s global approach and focus on improving your energy level and your work-life balance is a real inspiration for me.

Arnaud Feist

CEO Brussels Airport Company

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Cedric Dumont presented a keynote for our customer in Gran Canaria and everything went really well.

Evelien Vyncke

Thomas Cook Business Incentives

I would like to thank you all for the very successful keynote delivered by Cedric at the New Year's event. Cedric captivated our managers with his story, both during and after the official segment. Here are a couple of the responses that I found in my inbox early this morning: ‘It was a great evening; everyone had something positive to say’ and ‘it was fantastic to start the year in such fashion’!

Christa Claessens

Asco Industries

Cedric was the keynote speaker of our annual Jumpstart event. His presentation energized everyone. His experience in team coaching and extreme sports give a very balanced view on personal commitment and group dynamics in teams: a perfect match for an event in which ‘Team of Teams’ was one of the themes. It allowed everyone to take away some personal objectives as well as team related targets. Also everyone was charmed by his presentation style: a calm and well-structured speech where personal experiences were used at the right moments to emphasize the point he was making. Very inspiring!

Marc Vanderheyden

Managing Partner at Spikes

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Inspiring and very practical tools that were life changing!
Thanks Cedric for a great 2 days seminar together.

Thomas Baert

CEO Chinafloors, YPO Belgium

Of course, you already know a lot of the things and sub-consciously implement others, but the great thing about your story is that it raised awareness so we can actually perform in a better, more efficient and more conscious manner (‘in the flow’). It adds structure and awareness to the ‘sub-conscious’ being, and places everything into a broader perspective about how you live and treat yourself and others. The keynote motivates you to push your boundaries and better utilise your qualities and competencies, in order to live and perform in a more conscious manner.

Jan Ruysschaert


Cedric's unique combination of action sport athlete and high performance psychologist brings a perfect connection between extreme sports and business. In both high pressure environments, flow state is becoming a must and the only way to survive and thrive under pressure.

Vincent Herbert

CEO Le Pain Quotidien

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Cedric may be accustomed to flying at great heights, but his feet are firmly on the ground. His keynotes are able to quickly fascinate the audience and use examples to make theory relevant to real life. He does this in an easy-going manner, which obliges you to question yourself and put everything into practice as soon as you leave the hall. Keep on dreaming!

Yves Derde

CEO Essilor Belgium