Jo Caudron writes best Dutch management book

Jo Caudron

Jo earned the prize for ‘Dutch Management Book of the Year’ with his book De wereld is rond (the world is round). The book adopts an optimistic stance towards the power of digitalisation and the transformation opportunities for our society. He applies the transformation concept to the bigger challenges that we are facing as humans, society and economy. He also addresses this theme in depth during his keynote.

Jo's book and keynote call on people to develop an optimistic view of the future, so that they can deal with a changing world. This subject has now become very topical, and can be a source of inspiration, in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis. Jo is regarded as a transformation strategist, who is passionate about disruption and how digitalisation is affecting the world around us.

For over twenty years, digital disruption has been triggering change in all sectors. At this moment in time, banks, the media, taxi companies and so many other organisations are experiencing the power of digitalisation and challenges that come with it. But what if this is only the beginning? What if industry-specific approaches are not enough when looking for a future-oriented transformation plan?

What if the essence of our society changes, partly due to digitalisation, but in part due to major challenges concerning the future of work, housing, mobility, climate, health, education, globalisation, population growth and the issue of longer life expectancies? In his book, Jo searches for the link between each of these societal transformations and thus arrives at a master plan for transforming businesses and society.

De wereld is rond - Jo Caudron


The world is round: a story that looks beyond the digital transformation, in search of an optimistic view of the future


De wereld is rond

English translation: The world is round