Indra Dewitte

Photo of Indra Dewitte

We are very pleased with the performance by Indra Dewitte. She managed the debate in a professional and fascinating manner, and dealt with an unexpected reaction in the audience with an effective approach. She had also done her homework on the subject and spoke with conviction on a variety of topics. She came across as very friendly and confident, to panel members as well as the audience, which consisted of around 500 entrepreneurs.
We are also very pleased when it comes to our cooperation with Read my Lips. We will certainly be calling on you for our next event.

Isabel De Preter


Photo of micro

Indra Dewitte is a very professional presenter and moderator. She was very well prepared and familiar with subject matter. Her bold questions created a dynamic and valuable panel discussion.

Leen Martens


Indra Dewitte is not just a pretty face: she often deals with difficult debates when presenting De Zevende Dag. But she always manages to effectively manage even the most highly charged political debates. And always with a smile.

Danny Vandersmissen

Nationale Orde van de Gulle Lach