Erika Van Tielen

Photo of Erika Van Tielen

The whole evening went very well and we were very pleased with how Erika Van Tielen managed the evening as presenter. It was a very pleasant experience, mainly because she was so open towards staff and friendly towards the company and management.

Siebren De Schutter


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We have just completed a fantastic 2-day event, in which Erika Van Tielen did an admirable job as presenter. She has a very pleasant personality and was the ideal host! I am already looking forward to the next time we work together.

Jo Kusseneers


Erika was our host during an international event. She had prepared well and appeared to be very comfortable with the subject matter. Her natural flair and fluency on stage ensured the perfect presentation. The organisers, as well as our international guests, were delighted with Erika's performance as host. We would certainly recommend her to others.

Kristof Claessens

Corporate Change and Culture Officer - PEARL@KBC

Erika Van Tielen was the right presenter for the right occasion. Her presentation was perfect and contained nice, refreshing references to the various short contributions to the film. Just like artist Piet Peere, I was very pleased that we had selected Erika. Thank you for your help, and see you at the next event.

Rudy Van Hoey


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