Chris Van den Abeele

Photo of Chris Van den Abeele

The presentation by Luk Dewulf and the testimony of Chris Van den Abeele were met with great enthusiasm. Both speakers earned a well-earned score of 8 out of 10 during the evaluation by 65 participants. We are thus very pleased with the presentations. Luk's humour and Chris’ warmth caused people to listen attentively for the full 2 hours. And many of them said that the lecture was truly worthwhile.

Annelies Zegels


Photo of micro

We worked with Chris during a study day called ‘Bedrijvige kern’ (bustling core) and an award ceremony for ‘Laureaat Ondernemende Gemeente’ (enterprising municipality award); everything went exactly as we would have liked. Chris Van den Abeele is a really nice person to work with. Easy to access, flexible, responds quickly to e-mails and instils confidence. He is a very good moderator, has a pleasant voice and adds humour to his presentations, but can also deal with complex themes. The audience was also very positive about him.

Dorien Sterckx

Unizo Nationaal