Wouter Torfs presented a very inspiring story in an extremely effective manner, with excellent links to our sector. We received a lot of positive and enthusiastic feedback.

Vera De Troyer

Zorgnet Icuro

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I think everyone agrees that we had a fantastic evening with Wouter Torfs as speaker. Almost 200 participants. Superb guest speaker!

Giullaume De Waele

Unizo West-Vlaanderen

The keynote by Wouter Torfs was greatly appreciated. It was exactly what we were looking for. Wouter also spent a long time answering questions.

Jonathan De Grande

Vlerick Business School

We enjoyed this very inspirational evening! Wouter Torfs managed to captivate all our branch managers with his story. He exceeded our expectations, and there was also a real connection between the presented message and the worlds/visions of the audience.

Agnita Deweerdt

Regional director Argenta Banking and Insurance group

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Wouter Torfs has a fantastic story. But the thing that makes him special is his authentic and warm personality. His presence at our event was appreciated both internally and externally. This is something we are delighted about and, should we develop our concept further, there is a very good chance that we will be inviting Wouter again.

Ilse Claerhout


The attending managers from two Antwerp-based care homes and a revalidation hospital were extremely pleased with Wouter Torfs. I received many positive reactions and would also like to expressly thank you, Read My Lips, for your pleasant way of working. It was really great to work with you.

Johan D’Eer

MKL vzw

We really enjoyed the lecture by Wouter Torfs. It was truly inspiring.

Laurens Leyssens

CPA Associates International

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Wouter, thank you very much for this captivating lecture about Customer Experience at our ACE Ideation Day. We could easily have spent another hour asking questions but, unfortunately, this was impossible because of our busy schedule. I received a lot of really nice reactions about your presentation afterwards. We were all impressed by your inspirational personnel policy, where “focus on the customer” is a promise that you all try to honour. The anecdote about the cleaning lady that cared about your EBITDA speaks volumes. Does one need a better sign of commitment?!

Ines Van de Velde


We were very pleased with the sessions with Wouter Torfs. He presented his story in a very authentic and dynamic manner, and it was clear that our employees really appreciated this. Thank you for the fantastic collaboration!

Karolien Cloots


It was a really enjoyable meeting and presentation. Thank you to Wouter for sharing his story with us, thus bringing the non-profit and profit sectors closer to each other.

Eva Lemay

Tabor vzw, network of ca. 40 organisations from the field of education and welfare

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The presentation by Wouter was superb and all the HR managers loved his story!

Valerie Thoen

Vlerick Alumni Events

The lecture by Wouter Torfs certainly exceeded our expectations. The invitees were very enthusiastic, on the evening itself and during our later contact. Wouter Torfs is a truly inspirational person.

Marc Lodewijckx

Regional manager Belfius