Steffi Vertriest

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The lecture by Steffi Vertriest was very interesting. The audience hung on her every word and Steffi was very professional and knowledgeable. It was great to work with her and you.

Marie Geysen

Municipality of Brecht

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Healthy food is no longer a topic for tree huggers or hippies. It is of utmost relevance to any single individual – you basically are what you eat. That being said, most of us have no clue what is healthy and what is not. Steffi has the unique ability of bringing this across in a motivating way. The experience of having a keynote from her will not only open your eyes, it will truly motivate you to change your eating habits. On top of that… you will feel proud about your personal change. That is the kind of impact she has on an audience. Steffi comes therefore as a highly recommended speaker, especially if you aspire to motivate the most sceptical ones!

Serge Gregoir

CEO Eutraco Group NV

My experience with Steffi was extremely surprising. Steffi is very spontaneous, a fluent speaker and has a lot of knowledge! It was really great to listen to her.

Hélène Vanhoudt

CEO Helene V.