Peter De Keyzer presented a fantastic lecture. Great content, well founded and well delivered. He is a fluent, dynamic speaker. His progressive optimism is infectious! I would recommend his lecture to everyone!

Actueel Denken & Leven - Hasselt

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Peter De Keyzer presented our General Meeting with a keynote on the current financial/economic situation and his vision for the future. Not in the least boring, but enthusiastic and interesting!

Waldo Van de Velde

Director-General Febelgra

It’s fantastic how Peter, on several occasions, has managed to inspire large groups of youngsters - from difficult backgrounds - at A Seat At The Table. He shows them that you can and must be ambitious in order to create opportunities for yourself.

Youssef Kobo

Initiator of A Seat At The Table

Peter De Keyzer is one of the most influential economists of his generation. No boring statistician, but a creative and influential man of ideas!

Herman Daems

KU Leuven

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Peter De Keyzer convincingly shows how the market economy, when managed properly, offers the best opportunities for successfully overcoming the many challenges of the future. Peter De Keyzer is familiar with the theory and practice of the real economy and financial markets. A rare combination.

Han de Jong

Chief Economist ABN Amro Bank

Many economists only impart the current pessimism about the future. Peter De Keyzer is a welcome exception. Yes, there are problems, but Peter clearly shows that there are also solutions. There is reason for optimism.

Paul De Grauwe

London School of Economics