Joachim De Vos

Joachim De Vos

"There is no doubt that the way we live will be different in the future. The advances in technology and communications are changing our lives dramatically. I think the Living Tomorrow project of Joachim and his team – where you brainstorm about what is possible and you get people to come in, look at it, and talk about what this all means – is fantastic… I am certainly impressed with what I’ve seen."

Bill Gates

Founder Microsoft


Although we live in times of uncertainty, De Vos gives us hope in Why Innovation Fails. He offers practical insights and ideas to keep believing in the future. I was able to see up close how innovation is his life and how he and his teams open the eyes of companies, governments and cities to the unknown. "The Future is Ours" is his message!

Herman Van Rompuy

President Em. European Council, Minister of State

The 7 keys to innovating successfully are mandatory insights for every perceptive business leader who wants to build a future-proof organisation

Fadel Al Faraj

CEO Q8 Italy and formerly CEO of Q8 North-West Europe