Jeroen Denaeghel

Photo of Jeroen Denaeghel

We recently invited Jeroen for an evening lecture on Op zoek naar het beest. He spoke with great enthusiasm about his travels and people were hanging on his every word. He occasionally used sensational factoids to add a bit of context, but that only added to the entertainment value (and he never tried to pass rumours off as the truth). The fun anecdotes in between also livened up the presentation and made it an enjoyable experience.
Of course, I shouldn't forget the images: photos by Celine van Cauwenberghe were displayed on a large screen, and helped to illustrate the lecture perfectly. Let's say we did find a lot of beasts (as well as mesmerising landscapes and strange people).
After the lecture, Jeroen spent plenty of time offering deeper insight into some of the passages, answering questions and even showing new photos.
And all this resulted in a fun and captivating evening; I think we can even say that Jeroen enjoyed himself too!

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