Everything went really well. All the attendees were very enthusiastic about the presentation by Jan Verheyen.

Thierry Dekkers
Unizo Sint-Truiden
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Jan Verheyen truly was THE MAX!! We had a really good laugh, although the substance of his presentation was also fascinating!

Boudewijn Dupont
SIM Belgium

We received nothing but positive reactions! Thank you for brightening up our afternoon. Our work group also enjoyed it!

Björn Ansoms
Ansoms & Anthonissen

Reactions to the lecture ‘The making of… a film is like running a company’ by Jan Verheyen were full of praise: interesting story, a kind man and an enthusiastic performance. One of the best speakers we have ever had.

Bart Walraet
Chairman Antwerpse Kring van het Verzekeringswezen
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Jan Verheyen is a very dynamic, energetic and motivated speaker. The audience was delighted and many of them would probably have liked for him to stay an hour longer. I would recommend him to everyone. Jan performed fantastically well. Thanks for the organisation as well, and I hope to see you again soon.

Johan Revinsek
Unizo Neerpelt

The lecture by Jan Verheyen was superb; one of our best speakers ever!!

Marc De Bock
Vereniging Lokerse Industriëlen

It was simply FANTASTIC!!!! Jan Verheyen is truly THE MAX!

Martine Bode
Forum van Vlaamse Vrouwen
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We witnessed a very motivated and passionate Jan Verheyen as guest speaker. A real success.

Johan Van Duyse
SD Worx

The lecture by Jan Verheyen flowed perfectly: he is an engaging, fluent speaker who knows exactly how to involve the audience. I heard nothing but positive reactions.

Jan Didelez
District librarian, Parkbib Merksem

Jan is a very charming storyteller and managed to capture everyone's attention.

Sarah Verheyden
Activities manager, Lebbeke library
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The lectures by Jan Verheyen were great… the audience was hanging on his every word throughout!

Martien Bode
National Director Forum van Vlaamse Vrouwen