Jacques is someone who can present a meaningful story in a funny and light-hearted manner. He inspires and amuses at the same time, which keeps your attention focused on his presentation. Far from yet another boring theoretical lecture, this was an enjoyable hour packed with valuable content.

Laurens Kuijpers

Voka Limburg

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Jacques Vermeire was guest speaker at an event by PMV/Z, where he spoke about entrepreneurship. He offered tips and tricks to the audience of bankers and businessmen, and threw in many anecdotes and personal experiences. He shared his stories in a convincing and enthralling manner. It was a performance without his characteristic funny faces, but was in typical ‘Vermeire style’. It was Jacques Vermeire as not many people have seen him.
Despite concerns and a degree of scepticism in advance, Jacques Vermeire was able to convince friend and foe with his honest and sincere presentation, which was greatly appreciated by all.

Alex De Ridder

Participatie Maatschappij Vl/Independent entrepreneurs