Davy is very positive and fluent when sharing his insights and experiences concerning people management. He offers clear answers to questions such as: How do you focus on employees within your organisation? How do you create a Smart Culture where employees can realise their full potential? How do you make sure that employees are proud of their company? etc.
His ‘recipes’ are simple but leave a lasting impression! His quotes are from a distant past, but have never been as relevant as they are today. I would recommend him to everyone!

Dirk Maegerman

Leadership Coach @ KBC Corporate Banking

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Davy De Vlieger is a speaker who stimulates the audience!
Davy De Vlieger used his experience to captivate the audience of bpost’s Sales Community. He was brilliant in sharing his vision on every aspect of innovation. His one-hour talk inspired the whole community. It was a great moment of inspiration!

Pascal De Greef

Managing Director Business Clients Mail bpost