Nic Balthazar

Nic Baltazar

We were very pleased with how the Everybody Happy lecture went. Nic Balthazar is able to address this difficult but very topical issue in an accessible manner, and also provides a number of simple tools. And all this is done with a sense of humour. He is an approachable and amiable person, who has a no-nonsense attitude and is able to get the audience thinking. I would recommend him to everyone!

Nathalie Coppens

Bostoen Group

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Everything at our study day flowed smoothly, exactly as we had hoped. Nic Balthazar, and his lecture on climate change, was great.

Eddy De Wit

ACV Public services De Watergroep

We really appreciated Nic Balthazar's introduction to his film. He makes you look at the film, and the issue it addresses, in a different light.
We also thought it was great that Nic stayed around after the film.

Luc Verbeke

Lions Assenede Diederick

Nic Balthazar's keynote at the SD-Worx event was fantastic!
Everybody Happy was also superb. Very pure and profound. It is a really touching film and makes you think twice.

Heidi Verbeke

CEO DolphinHearts

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The evening with Nic Balthazar was great fun!
Nic was able to enthral and engage our customers with his fascinating storytelling. The content was also excellent.
The informative tips and tricks for learning to relax were particularly educational. People like us, i.e. HR professionals who often encounter this issue, were very positively surprised. Nic was able to captivate everyone.

Nancy De Bonte

Managing Partner Introduce

Nothing but praise for a more than successful evening with Nic Balthazar.
The film and explanation were both well received.
Nic is a very amiable man, doesn't have an attitude and is very approachable.

Luc Verbeke

Lions Club Assenede

After the film, Nic Balthazar provided a very entertaining explanation about his insights concerning this issue and how he prepared for the film. As far as I am concerned, it was a real eye-opener and a successful event, with a fascinating Q&A session.


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