Pedro De Bruyckere

Photo of Pedro De Bruyckere

We give Pedro De Bruyckere a 10 out of 10 for his lecture.

Frank Van Paemel

School community B.O.S.

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The lecture by Pedro De Bruyckere was extremely interesting and well presented.

Brecht Ranschaert

Erasmushogeschool Brussel

We were very pleased with the lecture by Pedro De Bruyckere. It offered food for thought, and we only heard positive reactions.

Katinka Steen

IJD Brugge

The participants were very positive! Here is the feedback we received: ‘very good and very knowledgeable’, ‘Pedro De Bruyckere presented a charming and interesting story'.

Frederique Loones

Support and development officer, De Ambrassade vzw

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The participants were enthusiastic afterwards! The feedback we received was as follows: interesting, perfect for the identified issue, presented in a fascinating manner, and very useful.

Ronny Cos

Sports officer, municipal culture, youth and sports department