Filip Van den Abeele

Photo of Filip Van den Abeele

Filip Van den Abeele gave an interesting lecture on Industry 4.0 at our event to mark the 20th anniversary of Preventie en Interim. The audience responded very positively and thought the presentation was a huge success!

Marijke Bruyninckx
Director Preventie en Interim
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We invited Filip to successfully oversee our annual event for the Belgian Petroleum Federation. The role of moderator is essential, because debates must flow smoothly and the required themes must be incorporated. Filip managed to perform both tasks perfectly. He supervised the debate in an alert and dynamic manner, and was also able to add a touch of humour! That's why the audience only had positive things to say about Filip’s contribution.

Jean-Benoit Schrans
Public Affairs & Communication Manager Belgian Petroleum Federation

We invited Filip as keynote speaker to Moving Automation, which is our networking event for sharing practical knowledge about the latest innovations in our rapidly evolving market. His exciting presentation about the Fourth Industrial Revolution perfectly met the expectations of our audience. He inspired them with his surprising insights, while also charming them with a healthy dose of humour. Afterwards, we also received a lot of positive feedback about Filip's contribution. He was certainly a great success!

Lydia Nelde
Manager Lycom Group

Filip Van den Abeele delivered an intriguing presentation about the Digital Transformation during our socio-economic case study for the province of Oost-Vlaanderen. Everyone was very complimentary about his clear insights into our disruptive future!

Pascal de Meyer
Province of Oost-Vlaanderen
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We worked really well with Filip during our Stakeholders’ Day and it was very nice to have him here. Filip played his part with the required professionalism, but also showed a sense of humour. The perfect combination.

Marleen Vanhecke

The performance of Filip Van den Abeele met fully our expectations.

Barbara Mayor
AGC Glass Europe

The group really enjoyed the keynote from Filip Van den Abeele, they thought he was really knowledgeable, knew his topic but at the same time made some jokes and really interacted with the group, which created a nice atmosphere!

Sara Sewell
Presidents Institute
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Filip's keynote was the final act in our research conference and was very inspirational and motivational. He performed in perfect English and used the odd bit of humour to retain the attention of the audience.

Stijn Derammelaere
dr. Ghent University

We were very pleased with Filip's work, in terms of his presentation as well as his job as moderator. And the service provided by Read My Lips was also perfect. Communication was friendly and always flowed smoothly.

Jörg Baeten
Cogen Vlaanderen

Filip Van den Abeele offered an interesting insight into the current and future energy mix at our 15th anniversary event. His lecture, in which he also paid special attention to the role of cogeneration, was very well received by the audience, and the whole COGEN team and board would like to thank Filip for his very interesting lecture and his professional approach as moderator.

Jörg Baeten
Communication manager COGEN Vlaanderen
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Filip Van den Abeele presented an excellent keynote at our event for around 300 supply chain managers!

Jan Proot
Value Chain

Filip, thank you very much for presenting ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ at our New Year's event! We received many positive reactions about your keynote.

Els D’Hondt
FISCH (Flanders Innovation Hub for Sustainable Chemistry)

Thank you once again for a much appreciated keynote at Bloso's (Sport Vlaanderen) 1st sport innovation conference at the Bloso centre in Brugge (#SIC151015). The reactions were very positive.
You delivered what I had hoped and expected.

Kris De Coorde
Policy assistant Sport
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Everything met our expectations! Our customers, who are all entrepreneurs, really appreciated Filip's keynote entitled ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’; in terms of content as well as delivery. It was a ‘wake-up call’ for everyone!

Nadine Staelens

Filip Van den Abeele delivered a keynote at our event called ‘De industrie van morgen, een uitdaging voor vandaag’ (The industry of the future, a challenge for today). Participants thought the presentation was very interesting and all the feedback was positive. Filip's fascinating lecture contributed to a successful event!

Jolien Meeusen
Account manager Voka Leuven

Filip provided a fantastic introduction for our company event in Ghent. His vision concerning the Fourth Industrial Revolution was superb and we received a lot of positive feedback. In short: the introduction was a real success, in front of a very enthusiastic audience!

Nicolas Vyncke
Managing director Ingenium
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During his keynote called ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, Filip presented a very complex issue in a very understandable manner. He did this with a touch of humour; knew exactly who was in the audience and was very well prepared. The more than 1000 Limburg-based entrepreneurs completed an evaluation form afterwards, which resulted in a huge score for satisfaction!

Ingrid Eyckmans
Voka-KvK Limburg

The presentation by Filip Van den Abeele, at the inauguration event for Cargill’s new R&D Centre, was professional and welcoming. The tone of moderation was ideal and helped to create a special day for our customers as well as our colleagues.

Cis Van Doninck
General Manager Cargill Belgium Global Controller Animal Nutrion

Our collaboration with Filip Van den Abeele was excellent! He was well prepared, flexible, attentive and extremely professional. And he did all that in English.

Karen Boers
Managing director
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Filip was the keynote speaker at our KMO-Kennisbeurs, and was the right man, in the right place at the right time. We could not have imagined a better speaker, who used a very fascinating and witty approach to explain the relevance of science in the world of business, and vice-versa. We are now familiar with the analogy between a scouts party and nuclear fission!
The packed hall was able to enjoy the clever metaphors, which were delivered by a passionate speaker; a true ambassador for science and a friendly person.

Koen Verhaeghe
Manager of Innovation centre

Filip Van den Abeele successfully oversaw our research day in a determined, efficient and humorous manner.

Tine Rams
Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen

Filip Van den Abeele moderated our prize ceremony at the Vlaamse Technologie Olympiade (Flemish Technology Olympiad). Perfect style, extremely professional, flexible with our preferences, youthful, and precise where necessary. The audience (young and old), speaker and panel members were extremely pleased with him.

Rik Hostyn
Coordinator Flemish Technology Olympiad
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Filip exceeded all expectations when overseeing Gent BC's networking evening. He is a skilled scientist who uses appropriate humour and passion to captivate his audience. We saw Filip effortlessly deliver the kind of quality that you do not even see in well-rehearsed TV programmes: a strong and accessible story, which captivated the audience and immediately created the right atmosphere for networking afterwards.

Jens Pas
General Director Gent BC

Filip is the ideal host for a business conference. He showed a great deal of empathy and conviction as moderator at Phare Conference (Gent). And it all took place in English. This was confirmed by the many participants, who were full of praise for his style and professional knowhow.

Marnik D'Hoore
Founder Bloovi

Filip Van den Abeele moderated my debate evening around the theme of urban wind & urban farming. A refreshing style, slightly cheeky and extremely professional, as if he had been active in the field of urban farming and urban wind for many years. The audience, speakers and panel members were also very pleased with his contribution.

Kathleen Van Brempt
European Member of Parliament
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