Tanja Verheyen

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Occasionally you need a eureka moment. Someone may give you a tip, or you may read a book, that suddenly makes you view the facts from another perspective. Remotie. Een stap terug is een stap vooruit by Tanja Verheyen and Bob Vermeir is such a eureka moment. In these times of ‘always moving forward’, a plea for a sideways step can appear fresh and wise. Highly recommended, because it helps you to change your perspective. And that is what you sometimes need in order to move forward again.

Ivan De Vadder

Belgian political analyst VRT NWS and TV presenter

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In times when change is the only certainty, companies must constantly adapt their organization. Of course, this has an impact on employees. At the same time, as a company you want to treat people with respect, but you can’t always guarantee that employees can keep the same job. Internal mobility is essential, but ‘demotion’ is a reality in this context. I am convinced that, with a good framework, ‘remotion’ can be an opportunity for better understanding oneself and for renewed learning. An important and galvanising moment in people's careers. Tanja Verheyen shows us how it can be done.

Bert Van Rompaey

HR en Change manager Eurowings