I can look back at a very successful conference. There were over 200 visitors and I received very enthusiastic reactions from many of them. Ruben's contribution certainly played a part in this. His presentation was fascinating, well put together and contained nice images. His story worked very well with other presentations during the day. I sat at the front of the hall, so could see that the audience was captivated by Ruben's presentation from start to finish. He was also very good during the improvised Q&A session afterwards.

Anita Pauw

Province of Overijssel (Netherlands)

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The keynote by Ruben Mersch was excellent and met our expectations perfectly. He is a very fascinating narrator. I would recommend him to everyone.

Bruno Vandekerckhove

Belgian Knee Society

The presentation by Ruben was inspirational and the audience was very enthusiastic about it.

Eline Scheele

The Netherlands Compliance Institute

Ruben’s lectures were a huge success in terms of quality as well as quantity (number of attendees).

Kristof Leën

Huis van de mens

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