Nathalie Arteel

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I first met Nathalie on the Vlerick HR Day in 2017, where she gave one of her speeches.
Nathalie has a natural flair when it comes to addressing her audience. By honestly bringing her own personal story, she puts herself in a vulnerable position – something which, in the end, makes the message she wants to put across all the more authentic and powerful! Nathalie is a strong woman who has accomplished a lot in her life. But she is not hesitant to make it very clear that the road to success can sometimes be a rocky one, requiring persistence and perseverance. Listening to Nathalie is a true delight: both her story and the way in which she brings it, give you the energy to start chasing your own dreams too.

Katherina Swings

Associate Partner ’The Bayard Partnership’

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I not only know Nathalie as a fantastic entrepreneur, but also as a gifted speaker. She masters the art of fascinating, animating and involving the audience. She was thus the ideal person to introduce our ‘Daikin Blue Stars’ intern Recognition Program to all colleagues during the kick-off event. Considering the many positive reactions, her performance was a great success!

Roderik Desiere

Ceo Daikin Belgium

I am pleased to hear that you also received positive reactions from the students. The colleagues I spoke to were also pleased, and were particularly impressed by how your personal approach managed to silence the whole room.

Veerle De Grauwe

KUL Decanaat | Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences

Dare, Live and Be Entrepreneurial. That is the message that Nathalie Arteel shared with everyone who participated in Women In Finance on 21/9. She talked passionately about her life, the obstacles that she managed to overcome and how every woman can learn to be happy in the roles that she personally chooses – whether that involves being a mother, partner, manager or employee. About how everyone on the planet can have a positive impact on the people around them. An inspirational keynote by an inspirational woman.

Maïté Holvoet

Financial Media

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I would hereby like to thank you once again for a fantastic lecture.
I have heard nothing but positive reactions.

Leen Van Acoleyen