Pol Hauspie

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Please thank Pol once again for his valuable and genuine presentation, which everyone enjoyed greatly. His story – which was delivered with a dose of humour – left many members shocked and will leave a lasting impression.

Carlo Van Tichelen
Ontbijtclub Kempen
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Pol Hauspie is a good speaker. His story contained the required commercial insights, but was also very emotional. The presentation was calm and engaging. Some of the audience thought it was the best activity in years. This was a really successful event for the association.

Dirk Erreygers
Chairman, Business Club Noorderkempen

Considering the banking bubble that is currently paralysing the global economy, the story of L&H - and the ICT bubble that burst at the start of this century - is topical once again. Ten years later, in his book Priester–Muzikant–Piloot (priest-musician-pilot) Pol Hauspie talks openly - without making excuses for his own behaviour - about personal and systemic motivations that can destroy companies. Pol Hauspie primarily delivers a deeply personal and human story, but the audience will also be fascinated by his thoughts on the definition of success, which many people in our society are still aiming for.

Carl Moons
General Manager Aexis