Stijn Ilsen

Stijn Ilsen

Seeing Stijn Ilsen on the show De Afspraak always makes for pleasant, highly interesting and informative television which viewers and myself enjoy a lot. Stijn has the rare gift of explaining the universe and everything that flies around in a very clear way and with boundless enthusiasm. I would advise everyone to stop for his orbit around Flanders.

Bart Schols

Host De Afspraak on Canvas

I was scared to go to this lecture. I thought I wouldn't understand anything. However, you explain this complex matter in a very pleasant and fun way. This keeps it light-hearted, but no less interesting and fascinating. You have a unique talent for conveying it to the public in such an understandable way.

Momentum Antwerp


I have never seen my 7-year-old child sit still in a chair for so long.

Parent at a family reading in Tienen Library