Go and listen to Raf’s views on storytelling. You may think storytelling is vague and only believe in facts and figures, but after listening to Raf, you will understand why storytelling is important and how storytelling can make these facts and figures come alive. Raf will convince you and will unlock the storyteller in you.

Gilles Renard

Head HR Communication BNP Paribas Fortis

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Raf Stevens adopts a fascinating approach to share insights on the usefulness of storytelling for every company. In our extremely competitive environment, the most important thing is to attract the attention of your audience. Storytelling can play a crucial role in this!

Sebastiaan Vanneste


The presentation by Stevens - during the Performance Session Antwerpen, which was set up for our customers - was fantastic. His spontaneous, honest and critical approach was fully appreciated. The subject matter that Raf presented definitely added value to the general story that we wanted to convey. And finally, his contribution to the debate was very useful and to-the-point.

Bruno Mortier

Unit Manager D’M&S

’Loyalty starts with engaging stories’ - that was the title of our customer event in 2013. And who better to reinforce that story than a born storyteller. Raf did this with expertise, to the great satisfaction of our customers. I would recommend him to everyone.

Rudy Van Halle

Marketing Manager bij Belgian Post Group

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Raf Stevens presented his own powerful story about storytelling at our conference. That makes it easy to remember. The lecture was much appreciated by the participants.

Joost Ramaut

Coordinator Government communication vzw Kortom

Our participants really enjoyed the lecture by Raf Stevens! Raf presents his message very powerfully - in terms of content as well approach. Raf Stevens played an important role in making our day a success.

Wim Van Hoof