The presentation by Luk Dewulf and the testimonial by Chris Van den Abeele were met with great enthusiasm. Both speakers received a healthy 8 out of 10 during our evaluation among around 65 people. We were thus very pleased with the performances. Luk's humour and Chris's warmth ensured that everyone listened attentively for over 2 hours and many people said that their presentation had been really valuable.

Annelies Zegels


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We are very pleased with Luk Dewulf and the service. Luk Dewulf inspired us in a fantastic manner last week! We are now already worrying about next year's event, because this performance will be hard to beat…

Christophe De Zutter


We received many positive reactions about the performance of Luk Dewulf! He has a real talent!

Tine Zutterman


The lecture by Luk Dewulf met all our expectations; the presentation got a lot of people thinking and put them on the right path to working with talent.

Patrick Bleyenberg


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We can look back on a very successful event with Luk Dewulf as speaker.

Cyriel Craeghs

Jeugdhulp Don Bosco Vlaanderen

The lecture by Luk Dewulf was a really fascinating and pleasant experience. He certainly met all our expectations. He arrived over an hour in advance and the whole audience thought the lecture was really interesting.

Vanessa Sergeant

Sociaal Huis Wielsbeke

The lecture by Luk Dewulf at HR Xpo went really well: in terms of attendees, structure and content.

Pieter Desmet

Exhibition manager Kortrijk Xpo

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There is currently a lot of scepticism about feel-good philosophies. The original concept presented during ‘Ik kies voor mijn talent’ will certainly help to eliminate any resistance.

Joseph Kessels


I recognised a great deal in the ideas of Luk Dewulf. It's true, sometimes you don’t realise what your talent is. I only discovered my talent for the harmonica and music when I was at university.

Steven De Bruyn


One of the messages presented by Luk Dewulf is: ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’. My experience allows me to fully subscribe to this message.

Marc Herremans

Foundation To Walk Again

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