Florence Pérès

Photo of Florence Pérès

Florence, and her fascinating story about the digital detox, immediately captivated the group of almost 50 women. The fact that she combines a great career with a family makes her story even more believable.
She has a warm personality and is able to tell her story with conviction.

Suyin Aerts

Chairman Artemis Brussels

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Florence captured the attention of the whole audience from the first minute, and was able to mix a theory-based approach with a lot of practical and interactive applications. The audience (ca. 900 employees spread across 6 sessions) will certainly remember the many tips and tricks, which means Florence definitely met our expectations.

John Mestdag

HSEQ Manager

Florence was clearly able to fascinate the group and adopted a step-by-step approach. ‘Digital Detox’ was presented in a theoretical and practical manner. This information can be used when seeking a work-life balance and is ideal for modern business environments and people's daily lives. In both these areas, she offered useful tips on focused and varied work, time management, etc. The participants were clearly fascinated and there was a lot of interaction. I am certainly convinced about the benefits of the ‘Digital Detox’ session.

Dimitri Sterckx


Fascinating, inspirational, educational and full of enthusiasm. Florence masters the art of captivating a group of people. Amazing presentation, and addressed the topics that were important to us.

Carine Verbraeken

Field Sales Manager Vandemoortele

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Florence adopts a light-hearted approach to deliver a strong message effectively. She clearly highlights the impact of our digital addiction, which we all see and feel when constantly reaching for our smartphones (yes, also to write this review!). Very challenging for the audience and for me personally. Four sessions, in two languages, one after the other, but with the same enthusiasm.

Astrid Leemans

Head of Distribution Belfius