More than 100 employees lapped up every word Steven Vromman, the lowimpactman, said today at BNP Paribas Fortis CSR Week! Be happy with less environmental footprint? Yes, it’s possible...

Laurence Jonkers

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I attended the new eco-comedy show by Steven Vromman. I really enjoyed it! Being able to present such an important message (‘Save our planet! Start today!’) in a very accessible and never patronising manner: it's a fantastic achievement. Vromman's uncomplicated and self-mocking humour allows him to captivate the audience. I hope that he will go on a huge tour with this show.

Anne Ryckaert

Zwijndrecht library

The presentation by Steven was fascinating and delivered in an enjoyable manner! Workshop participants were really enthusiastic afterwards.

Elke Van Damme

Programme coordinator Colruyt Group Academy

The lecture by Steven Vromman was extremely interesting and all the attendees were enthusiastic. The hall was packed (almost 90 people) and every one of them was more than satisfied. He presents a very pressing issue with the required seriousness and humour. I think his story was very useful to everyone.

Mireille Vermeiren

Sustainability officer Municipality of Hamme

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Steven Vromman's approach and conviction were appreciated by all. Steven presented his Low Impact Man Show to around 200 members of staff in our school community. We hope to get a repeat performance in the future; hopefully also for the pupils.

Harry Jacobs

Secretary of collaboration platform Scholengemeenschap De Zenne

Steven Vromman had a very inspirational story, which was accompanied by fun interaction with invitees.

Gertrude van der Gun

Dutch construction firm Visser & Smit Bouw

I recently attended your lecture. Fantastic! Gandhi once said that we have to 'be’ the change that we want to see in this world... well, if our politicians had followed your example, we would now have achieved a great deal more. But this has certainly given me renewed hope that we will all be able to change (in time?). Thank you for the motivational boost, and the various bouts of laughter in between.


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Thank you for the very warm and fascinating presentation and discussion. Without realising it, I started switching off all the devices that were in stand-by mode, turning off the lights, washing at 30° and beginning my insulation plans...

Willem Frederik Schiltz

Open VLD