Frederik De Swaef

Photo of Frederik De Swaef

The presentation by Frederik was very good. He presented with the required knowledge and humour, which was appreciated by the attendees.

Wim Woestenborghs

General coordinator Mediander vzw

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We organised a ten-day pop-up to mark the end of our 4-year study into inner-city vacancy.
For the closing event, we were looking for an inspiration session which would also be useful to the traders. The lecture that Frederik De Swaef put together met all our expectations During the session, he shared tips and tricks with (local) traders so they could also make the most of their social media presence. "Using social media in local businesses" resulted in a full house of interested local traders, who were given every opportunity to ask questions (even until long after the lecture).
This lecture, which features specific examples and a degree of humour, would thus be perfect for any audience of independent entrepreneurs who also want to make their offline stories a success in the online world.

Dieter Janssens

Our sincerest compliments and thanks for the tailormade keynote by Frederik De Swaef for ACE employees at Telenet. I received many compliments about Frederik afterwards. Animated, funny and always from a unique perspective (fantastic!). The ACE Champions learned a lot and immediately started putting things into practice.

Ines Van de Velde

Telenet, as part of an event for ACE employees

The board was very pleased with the informative yet entertaining presentation. We would certainly recommend Frederik De Swaef; he gave our senior citizens a really fun afternoon.

Bea De Wandel

Lectures manager, Neos Sint-Gillis-Waas

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Frederik De Swaef is a very good speaker; we witnessed a superb presentation.

Kathy Van Ranst


Fluent speaker. As a resident of Aalst, Frederik was also performing in front of a home crowd. This resulted in an enjoyable evening.

Sabine Wéry

Culture officer, CC De Werf Aalst