Guy Tegenbos

Photo of Guy Tegenbos

Participants in the election debate, as well as the audience, reacted very positively to how Guy Tegenbos moderated the debate. His dynamic approach, whereby he mixed with participants and the audience and addressed panel members by their first names, was appreciated, as was his ability to involve the audience. Guy Tegenbos clearly controlled the debate: his approach was calm, and the debate was friendly and flowed smoothly. The moderator was to-the-point and kept the audience engaged with his timely interventions.

Erik Loddewyckx

ACV Tielt-Winge

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Guy Tegenbos is a true professional and was able to use his knowledge, expertise and approach to host and oversee a rather complex format (a lunch dating session on the topic of dual learning, with several courses and debates between partners from the commercial sector, the field of education and the youngsters themselves). This ‘original’ concept was a challenge for us and for him. He possessed enough knowledge about the subject to add his own expert insights and structure to his approach. Everyone was pleased, and so, as organisers, we were also happy. In short, a nice experience. Thank you, Guy, you were the perfect choice for this event!

Philippe Noben

Scholengroep 23 Meetjesland